Ark Sailing is owned and run by Neil Mulhall (that’s me).

I began working in the outdoors in 2002 where I started as a windsurfing instructor at Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre (WOAC).
I progressed into sailing and paddlesports and swiftly onto the position of Senior Instructor. After taking a couple of years out to work freelance for several outdoor providers within the Lake District including Ark Sailing, I returned to WOAC in 2014. The following year, whilst continuing my role at WOAC I enrolled at the University of Cumbria to study Outdoor Education. I graduated in the summer of 2018 and purchased Ark Sailing later that year.
Working for myself sailing on Windermere is, I consider a very privileged position to be in. Sailing is a passion that I enjoy very much and being able to teach, coach and pass on my skills is extremely rewarding.
I look forward to welcoming you onboard Ark for your sailing adventure!
All the best