Rya Courses

Start Sailing Level 1 Course – Duration 2 days
The RYA Level 1 course is a basic introduction to sailing. It covers how to turn, sail upwind and downwind, and at a basic level, what some of the bits of rope do. With a little bit of theory to give some background knowledge and how to tie a few knots, it’s a great foundation to base all your future sailing on.

Basic Skills Level 2 Course – Duration 2 days
This is where you consolidate what you have learned on the Level 1 course and work towards improving your sailing. You will be safety conscious, and be capable of sailing on your own in light winds. You will find out how a sail works, tie a few more useful knots and handle the boat under engine power. This course can be combined with the level one to form a 5-day course. You start from scratch and work through the RYA level 1 and 2 courses, to get a really good foundation in keelboat sailing. Lots of the big Flotilla companies abroad look to the RYA Level 2 as the minimum qualification needed to sail their boats.

Level 3 course – Duration 2 Days
This is a new course introduced by the RYA to bridge the gap between Level 2 and Seamanship. It looks at improving your Level 2 skills and boat handling and gives a taster of the more advanced courses that you can go on. We can tailor the course to suit your needs, whether it is sailing with spinnakers, seamanship skills or getting into racing. You choose!

Seamanship Skills Course – Duration 2 Days
This is where you learn to make your own decisions in a seamanship like manner, to keep sailing in moderate conditions. You will be dealing with a man overboard situation, effectively reefing afloat, sailing backwards, anchoring and dealing with adverse situations. This is all aimed at building your confidence to deal with problems you may encounter whilst sailing. Its great fun, it’s in a controlled environment and you learn so much more about the boats you are sailing in. You need to have you level 2 before booking on this course. If in doubt about which course you should book, please give us a ring or drop us an email, and we will be more than happy to discuss which course would be best for you.

Sailing with Spinnakers -Duration 2 Days
This course covers how to set up your boat and use a spinnaker. It is a practical course for people who can already sail but have not yet used a spinnaker. It covers symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers, but more time will be spent on the type you are most likely to use.

Start Racing course – Duration 2 Days
This is also aimed at people who can already sail and gives an introduction to the basics of Club racing. It covers starting procedures, basic rules of racing, mark rounding and is a fun way to get confidence in racing without the pressure of being in a race.